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What Is Software Asset Management?

Software Asset Management (SAM) is how organizations manage and optimize their software assets. It systematically tracks, controls, and maintains software licenses throughout their lifecycle. SAM helps organizations ensure compliance with software license agreements, minimize risks associated with software audits, and optimize software usage and costs.

SAM involves various activities, including software inventory management, license tracking, compliance monitoring, and software usage analysis. Organizations can improve their understanding of software assets by using SAM and automating SAM workflow. This allows them to make informed decisions when purchasing and operating software. Additionally, it helps them avoid unnecessary expenses and legal issues related to software licenses.

In addition to managing software licenses, SAM encompasses other aspects such as software deployment, version control, and software retirement. It helps organizations streamline their software management processes, improve operational efficiency, and reduce overall software spend.

Organizations can simplify and streamline their software asset management processes using workflow automation tools. These tools automate tasks such as tracking software licenses, reminding about license renewals, and monitoring software usage. This makes the process more efficient and reduces the chances of human error.

Software asset management is essential for organizations to manage software licenses, ensure compliance, and optimize software usage and costs. Implementing best practices for software license management can help organizations achieve these goals and maximize the value of their software investments.

Any company with 1,000 devices or more should have some SAM suite to help them compare purchase and contract data with installation data to arrive at an Effective License Position (ELP) or a Compliance Report.

Benefits of Automating Software Management

Software asset management (SAM) offers several benefits for organizations. Organizations can benefit from using software asset management and automation tools. These tools ensure compliance, reduce costs, manage risks, make better decisions, improve efficiency, and enhance security.

Here are some of the critical advantages of using software asset management:

  1. Compliance with software license agreements: SAM helps organizations ensure compliance with software license agreements. By accurately tracking and managing software licenses, organizations can avoid legal issues and penalties associated with non-compliance.
  2. Cost optimization: SAM allows organizations to optimize their software usage and costs. Organizations can identify underutilized licenses by analyzing software usage data and reallocating them to other users, reducing unnecessary expenses. SAM also helps organizations avoid over-purchasing software licenses, leading to cost savings.
  3. Risk mitigation: SAM minimizes the risks associated with software audits. Keeping accurate software license records helps organizations prove compliance during audits, reducing the chance of penalties or fines.
  4. Improved decision-making: SAM provides organizations with valuable insights into their software assets. Organizations can make informed decisions when purchasing new software or renewing licenses by analyzing software usage data. This helps them optimize their software investments and avoid unnecessary expenses.
  5. Increased operational efficiency: Automating software asset management processes through workflow automation tools improves operational efficiency. Automated tasks like license tracking, renewal reminders, and software usage monitoring save time for IT teams and minimize human error.

How Can Integrify Help You Manage Your Software Assets?

Managing your software assets involves a series of processes that, when automated and standardized, provide a consistent, trackable system of governance.

These automated processes can include:

  • Software Request Process
  • Software Rationalization Process
  • Software Procurement Process
  • Software Packaging Process
  • Software Deployment Process
  • Software Recycling & Licence Optimization Process
  • License Pool Management Process
  • Software Removal Process
  • Maintain a Supported Software Catalogue Process
  • Software Asset Data Verification Process
  • Software Approvals Process
  • Contract Termination Process
  • License Compliance - Audit & Validation Process
  • SAM Competence & Training Process
  • SAM Tooling Requirements & Verification Process
  • SAM Supplier Management Process
  • SAM Awareness & Communications Process
  • SAM QA Process

Integrify Features for SAM

Process Builder

Integrify's visual process designer interface lets users design custom SAM workflows using drag and drop. Users can automatically assign tasks and route information based on their organization's unique workflow. Also, set alerts, reminders, and escalations to keep work moving forward.

Form Designer

Easily create responsive, Web-based forms to capture information. Include a wide variety of field types, form logic, templates, and layouts to ensure the correct data is captured and routed every time.

Custom Self-Service Portal

Provide a unified front-end experience that allows users to submit forms, complete tasks, and track process status. Provide visibility by role to see which tasks are completed, pending, or in progress. Collaborate in real-time about work being performed.

Process Tracking and Reporting

Integrify tracks and maintains an audit trail of all workflow processes, form data, and user actions. Follow team progress and use KPI scoreboards to track the overall efficiency and drive improvements.

Process Integration

Integrify's open architecture allows customers and partners to create SAM workflow applications with process integration into existing enterprise systems. Standalone web service allows other applications to initiate a workflow, complete a list of tasks, update process statuses, and conduct other bi-directional activities.

Designing Your Software Asset Process with Integrify

If you already know precisely how you want your software asset process to work, we can train you on the platform and coach your team on building out all your processes using best practices. If you'd rather have us build your processes, we will provide a service estimate as part of the sales process.

However, if you know you need SAM but aren't sure where to start, we can guide you through requirements gathering, SAM best practices and build out your processes based on your needs. Our consultants and services team will scope the project and provide a plan. Depending on the level of involvement, we will provide a work estimate and timeline.

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