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How can automated workflow management help healthcare providers?

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For healthcare companies, compliance, accuracy, and accountability are critical. Automated workflow processes in healthcare provide better internal controls and greatly improved efficiency. Reduce risk, increase compliance, improve productivity, encourage efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage by reducing work cycles and overhead.

In healthcare, automation of processes can bring many benefits. Automation can increase accuracy, accountability, and compliance while reducing the risk of mistakes. Furthermore, automated workflows can cut expenses, enhance customer service, and support compliance with health regulations.

Some of the ways Integrify’s workflow automation can help healthcare organizations:

Use Case Examples

Capital and Operational Expenditure Requests

But with the volume of submitted capital expenditure requests, there is a significant risk of mistakes, delays, compliance, and visibility. Given the investment, the cost of these risks can be enormous. By deploying a compliant and consistent workflow for handling capital expenditure requests, healthcare companies can significantly reduce risk while getting a faster return on capital spending.

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Vendor Qualification

Healthcare companies are ultimately responsible for ensuring processes are in place for the proper qualification of outside vendors and contractors. When assessing vendors for onsite work or selecting equipment and drug suppliers, workflow management should be incorporated to provide accountability and consistency and mitigate the risk of inconsistent vendor approval processes. Vendors can be consistently screened and properly approved to work with the company by using a workflow management system. In addition, a separate workflow process can handle contract initiation, where a new relationship or project contract can be routed throughout various levels of the hierarchy for review and approval.

Employee Requests

Integrify gives your employees a personalized online portal that they can use to submit requests for anything. Our customers often use this for HR and IT requests, including payroll adjustments, vacations, status changes, access/security requests, general information requests, etc. In addition, Finance can set up requests for checks, wire transfers, equipment purchase or replacement, etc. We’ve also had marketing departments use the system to initiate marketing material requests, ad reviews, etc.

Hospital Facilities Management

A building maintenance and facilities team gets tasked with everything from managing building security access to fixing HVAC issues. Handle these numerous requests in a centralized, consistent manner (instead of emails, phone calls, hallway conversations, etc.). Allow staff to track the progress of facilities maintenance requests in an intuitive portal environment.

Cyber Security Incident Reporting

A centralized incident reporting system accessible to log incidents consistently and route them to experts for threat assessment is critical in healthcare. Ensure a rapid, more coordinated response to security incidents, that correct information is captured at the outset, and that the proper protocols are followed.

New Product Evaluation

As vendors suggest new products and equipment, they can be evaluated via standard workflows instead of meetings that tie up expensive clinical personnel and prevents an efficient review process. Instead, route relevant product information to the most relevant evaluators in IT, Clinical, Engineering, etc., so the best decision can be made quickly.

More Examples

Health Information Management (HIM)

  • Forms Requests and Approval
  • Medical Chart Request
  • Audit Management
  • Pharmacy Recall Notices
  • Pharmacy Drug Tracing


  • Purchase Requisition
  • Capital Expense Request
  • Contract Management
  • New Product Evaluation
  • Central Supply Requests
  • Item Exception Requests
  • Report Requests

Risk and Quality

  • Incident Reporting
  • Policy and Procedure Management
  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Credentialing

Human Resources

Information Technology

  • Access Requests
  • Project Requests
  • Work Orders
  • Office Move
  • Security Incident Reporting

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