Construction Workflow Management

Automating construction operations and streamlining workflow

Construction companies require agile, flexible systems to manage the operation and workflow of their business. Orchestrating complex approval processes, managing task-based workflow, and interacting with countless vendors requires a system that is easily customizable and reliable.

Whether you need to automate and streamline your contract processes, improve work order workflow, or provide your employees with one-stop shopping for a variety of requests if it involves workflow Integrify can help.

Also, Integrify integrates your workflow with other third-party systems through an open API, giving you the flexibility to push or pull data between Integrify and the systems you already rely on for accounting, customer relationship management, resource planning, etc.

Use Case Examples

Capital and Operational Expenditure Requests

But with the volume of capital expenditure requests being submitted, there is a significant risk of mistakes, delays, compliance, and visibility. Given the investment, the cost of these risks can be enormous. By deploying a compliant and consistent workflow for handling capital expenditure requests, manufacturing companies can greatly reduce risk while getting a faster return on capital spending.

CapEx Automation Planning Guide

More on CapEx Request Management

Change Order Management

Manage change orders outside original plans and agreements by using a consistent, auditable workflow accessible by employees and vendors. Manage requested changes through a central portal containing forms and customized routing for contractors, customers, and onsite employees.

Vendor and Contract Management

The vendor contract process can be time-consuming and prone to human error. An inefficient, manual process means project delays, late delivery of materials, poor customer service, and more. Integrify can automate the vendor contract initiation and vendor approval processes, including access for outside vendors to submit requests. 

New Hire and Onboarding

Onboard new employees faster and more consistently. Build a process to ensure tasks like drug testing, background checks, safety training, site orientation, personal safety equipment, etc. are handled expediently and by the right individual. Track progress and complete audit reports on every hire to ensure standard procedures were followed.

Safety Reporting

Capture, analyze, track, and document accidents that take place on an active job site according to compliance standards. Using mobile forms or kiosks, supervisors can easily enter the relevant details of a safety incident, which are then routed to safety managers for review and action. All safety activity is tracked with name/data/time and available for reporting to discover trends and key areas of risk.

Quality Control

Workflow management and automation can replace manual, paper-based quality management systems that are inefficient and prone to error. An automated quality management system increases compliance whether an organization is beholden to regulatory rules or is simply interested in improving their quality standards or conforming to ISO Standards.

More Examples

Human Resources

  • New Hire Request and Management
  • Onboarding new Employees
  • Employee Change of Status
  • HR Inquiries
  • Offboarding Employees
  • Payroll Adjustment


  • Purchase Requisition
  • Capital Expense Request
  • Contract Management
  • Material Requests
  • Budgeting Workflow
  • Work Orders

Information Technology

  • Access Requests
  • Project Requests
  • Office Moves
  • Security Incident Reporting

We Understand Workflow for Construction

We've been working with construction companies like yours for over a decade. It’s a unique industry with challenges and complexity not seen in other industries and we bring efficiency and clarity to it. Our experienced service and support team can ensure your workflow optimization project is successful, on time and budget—just like your business.

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