Workflow for Sales and Marketing

Automate Sales and Marketing Processes for Speed and Efficiency

“SNE has streamlined its processes within the Content Operations team as more are handled and available for tracking via Integrify. This has been a colossal improvement for our team. We’re a smarter operation – and this is an achievement we’ve been working toward for years.”

– Mallory Manke, Process Improvement Analyst for SONY Network Entertainment.

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When there’s revenue on the line, outmoded workflows for marketing and sales teams can jeopardize the level of service provided to prospects, customers, and internal clients. Time pressures from deadlines can be alleviated when Integrify accounts for every process and request with efficient routing and a better user experience.

Automate customized product requests, discount authorization, PR approvals, customer status changes, contract reviews, and marketing collateral changes/approvals. Ensure that marketing and sales procedures are strictly followed and protect the organization's brand.


Get an in-depth look at some of our Sales & Marketing solutions:

Sales Workflow Example: Sales Opportunity Assignment

Our global security infrastructure client needed to assign a team to respond to sales opportunities automatically. This meant gathering staff from the implicated tech teams, sharing materials related to the opportunity, supporting communications among team members, and then passing information to an approval matrix based on dollar amount, territory, technologies, etc.

Integrify worked with the team and an outside consultant to design a solution that leveraged Integrify’s API to:

  • Automatically launch an Integrify workflow action when a new Opportunity is created.
  • Send time trigger or action trigger alerts to Salesforce users and non-users as workflow tasks are completed.
  • Perform a field update of Salesforce records related to the Opportunity with real-time status data.
  • Use evaluation criteria to determine the path of any request.

Marketing Workflow Example: Request for Collateral

Request Form

Routing Workflow

marketing workflow for collateral request


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