About Integrify

We love to solve workflow problems. In fact, we love it so much we built low-code, workflow automation software to help companies solve their own workflow problems.

Our Origin Story (How We Gained Our Super Powers)

We started Integrify twenty years ago to solve a problem. A large, international company needed a way to handle thousands of employee requests efficiently. They were using email, spreadsheets, random home-grown solutions, etc., and no one was happy. It was confusing for employees and a nightmare for administrative staff.

So we built something that solved it—a tool that allowed them to capture requests from employees and then automate the workflow for all those requests, making the process more efficient and making employees very happy.

As we've worked with more and more customers over the years, we've learned a lot about how to solve workflow and business process issues, and our company and software have evolved.

We've learned that our customers want the following:

  • An easy-to-use workflow automation tool right away—without the need for code and a ton of training.
  • Scalability for the simplest to the most complex processes.
  • Extreme flexibility when it comes to customization, integration, and pricing.
  • A service team that genuinely wants to solve their problems.
  • To work with real people, not robots.

So we've built our company and our software to be all that. We're real people who want to help, and we have software you will love using.


Our Executive Team

Dave Willsey

CEO and Cofounder

Dave manages business strategy, operations, sales, and growth for Integrify. He continues to build the perfect Integrify team and bring his customers success. Dave plays a ton of tennis, softball, and golf in his free time, even in the winter— now, that’s dedication! A native to both San Diego and the Washington DC area, he enjoys returning to both coasts with his family whenever he can.


Rich Trusky

CTO and Cofounder

Head of our Chapel Hill office, Rich oversees product development and technical direction and finds new solutions for Integrify. An avid surfer, surfboard craftsman, and Reggae enthusiast, he enjoys trips to the Caribbean and the Outer Banks to enjoy the ocean with his family.


John Bartlett

VP of Product Solutions

John is Integrify’s VP of Product Solutions and oversees all services and implementations of Integrify. He’s focused on planning and delivering effective process automation solutions for a wide variety of complex use cases using the Integrify platform. John has delivered hundreds of large-scale process automation solutions for customers worldwide.


Dan Jankowski

VP of Technology

Dan manages our development team and application infrastructure. Dan and his team have a passion for getting the right answers quickly and ensuring our customers have the tools and knowledge to succeed. Meanwhile, his DevOps team ensures our application is humming along 24X7. In his spare time, Dan plays drums and makes sure Cleveland rocks.


Mike Raia

VP of Marketing

Mike runs marketing for Integrify. Mike is a longtime SaaS marketer who focuses on growth and customer experience. Mike has built several high-performance marketing teams in his career and strongly believes in software buyer education. Mike enjoys White Sox baseball, Bears football, and would be happy to show you all the great craft breweries in Chicago.


Tom Martin

Director of Customer & Partner Success

Tom works closely with customers to foster, advocate and assist them with Integrify. Tom’s main goal is 100% customer satisfaction while challenging current processes to help customers gain efficiencies and grow utilization throughout their organization. Tom is a US Navy veteran and was a part of the inaugural graduation class for Leadership Walworth. With a deep knowledge of Lean Manufacturing, 5S principles, and process mapping, as well as over 20 years working in the IT field, Tom brings a great deal of experience to support a wide range of customers. Tom and his wife Claire, and their two daughters, Aubree & Bailey, live in the great state of Wisconsin. Tom is a passionate Badger, Packer, Brewer, and Bucks fan.


Tom Rezk

Director of Sales

Tom manages Integrify's Sales team and leads customer acquisition for Integrify. Tom develops and executes our sales strategy to ensure every engagement is tailored to each customer’s project requirements and use case. Tom has 15 years of software sales experience and is passionate about how technology can align with business needs to improve overall operations. He’s also passionate about his Chicago Bears, and on the weekends can be found on the golf course (when Chicago weather allows).


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