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salesforce workflow and integrify integration

Integrify Salesforce Workflow Integration: World-Class Workflow and State-of-the-Art CRM Meet

Integrify workflows can be integrated with Salesforce, adding powerful process automation tools and workflow rules to Salesforce’s robust CRM.

Replace Salesforce workflows with a platform-agnostic workflow platform that integrates with Salesforce and hundreds of other applications and can run independently.

Integration examples:

  • Kick off an Integrify process when an opportunity is created.

  • Send dynamic notifications to Salesforce users based on workflow status.

  • Update Salesforce objects with information captured in processes.

  • Design processes to push information to Salesforce as a step in the workflow.

  • Set workflow rule criteria.

  • Send alerts, reminders, and escalations with a custom email template designer.

Salesforce Workflow Use Case Example

Our global security infrastructure client needed to assign a team to respond to sales opportunities automatically. This meant gathering staff from the implicated tech teams, sharing materials related to the opportunity, supporting communications among team members, and then passing information to an approval matrix based on dollar amount, territory, technologies, etc.

Integrify worked with the team and an outside consultant to design a solution that leveraged Integrify’s API to:

  • Automatically launch an Integrify workflow action when a new Opportunity is created.

  • Send time trigger or action trigger alerts to Salesforce users and non-users as workflow tasks are completed.

  • Perform a field update of Salesforce records related to the Opportunity with real-time status data.

  • Use evaluation criteria to determine the path of any request.

Quote from the Customer

"Integrity allows us to standardize processes nationally with custom data and configuration. Not only is the tool easy to use, but the many options also allow for advanced features like two-way integration through APIs to other cloud or on-premise applications. The professional services and support teams are creative in solving complex problems, have timely responses, professional, and are easy to work with. The customer success team is great. Approachable, knowledgeable, and interested in getting to the right solution. Truly the best I have worked with."

Note: Integration between Integrify and Salesforce requires customers to have a Salesforce administrator available to our service team.

Integrify's Platform

Process Builder

Integrify provides workflow software to design workflow processes and build user request forms. You don’t need to know any code to get the job done. Integrify is designed to be easily used by anyone who wants to streamline their processes and increase productivity. Use multiple types of actions within any workflow. Read More

Form Designer

Easily create Web-based forms using drag and drop to capture information and feed user data into your workflows. Read More

Custom Self-Service Service Portal

Integrify provides a unified front-end experience for your most valuable asset— your employee. Integrify provides a custom self-service portal for request management, including submitting and real-time tracking of requests. See which tasks are completed, pending, or in progress. Read More

Process Reporting

Integrify tracks and maintains an audit trail of all your workflow processes, form data, and user actions. Your data and metrics are stored in a relational database (SQL Server or Oracle). Reports and information can be displayed in real-time and scheduled for distribution when users need them. Use visual reports to paint a complete picture. Read More

Process Integration

Integrify's open architecture allows our customers and partners to create their own workflow applications with process integration into existing enterprise systems. Our standalone web service allows other applications to initiate a workflow, complete a list of tasks, update process statuses, and conduct other bi-directional activities. As an administrator, you can even define a task within a process that starts a new process. Read More

Turbocharge Salesforce with powerful, intelligent workflow from Integrify and take control of your sales and service processes.

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